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A Brief Introduction to Graphene

What is meant by „beyond Graphene“?

If you followed my articles so far you may ask: Why is this blog called “…And Beyond Graphene.”, when all the blog posts are just about Graphene itself? The answer is that the family of layered materials similar to Graphene is actually pretty big.

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The discovery of Graphene

Since 1859, many scientists were looking for graphite and finally in 1916 the structure of graphite was clarified. While they were examining graphite, they found some unexpected behavior in extremely thin layers of graphite and then they wanted to make it thinner and thinner down to one atomic layer to study physical and electrical behavior these thin layers. The story and research continued, but no one could make one atomic layer of Graphene, even though very complicated experiments were carried out – until 2004.

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What is Graphene?

Here in this post, I want to introduce you a new wonder material. Actually it is not that new. It has been around all the time and you already know it. You have been playing with it since you started to use a pencil. This wonder material is called Graphene.

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Nano connector

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the science of small things. How small is that? It is usually smaller than 100 nm. 1 nm is 1 billionth of a meter. In the other word, Nanotechnology is an engineering of systems at molecular or atomic scale and provides skills to control and see individual atoms and molecules.

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Sarah Riazimehr

Welcome to my small Graphene blog

People often ask me about my field of work. When I say “Graphene-based Nanotechnology”, this is enough to freak some people out. Others are really interested and want to know what exactly I’m doing. With this blog, I attempt to explain.

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